Rapidos Clase IV & V


Shooting the rapids of the upper Rio Naranjo, a.k.a. Chorro, is an experience not soon to be forgetten. El Chorro section of the Naranjo River has Class IV and V rapids, for those looking for the most intense rafting in the area. Here we will run some of the best and most challenging rapids available in all of Costa Rica.

This 2 mile stretch of the upper Naranjo River will take you through deep river gorges, steep drops, tight rock walls, and technical routes that guarantee to get your adrenaline pumping. We will ride rapids such as, “Tail of the Dragon”, “ Chorro” and “Asteric & Obelisc” while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the rainforest, making this one of the most unique whitewater rafting experience available in Costa Rica! This trip is for individuals in good physical condition looking for high adrenaline rapids!

Chorro whitewater rapids


  • Hora de salida a las 8:00 a.m.


  • Transporte
  • Tour a través del bosque lluvioso
  • Guía turístico bilingüe
  • Personal e instrucciones de seguridad
  • Merienda de frutas frescas
  • Almuerzo tradicional costarricense
  • Agua


  • Ropa que se pueda mojar y/o traje de baño
  • Cambio de ropa
  • Toalla
  • Zapatos resistentes (no sandalias)
  • Protector solar y repelente de insectos
  • Recomendamos traer agua extra

Chorro Rafting Recorrido